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On Sale:  ₪5,700 
Engagement rings, model "SILVESTER". This ring is among the few of its kind. You can straighten out and focus on the main and special thing in this ring that is its special head ...! A head which is attached by 2 gold walls that grab the diamond in the air. This special head allows you, unlike other rings, to see the diamond in full and to be impressed by its beauty and sparkle ... A beautiful addition to this head is the diamond at the top of the ring can be seen both from the ring and top of the ring, And unique in this ring is that 3 rows of beautiful diamonds on both sides of the ring that only adds to the prestige and why makes it so special
On Sale:  ₪3,499 
Engagement ring," Caviar" model. This ring is studded with a round diamond in the center of the ring in a special inlay . The diamond has a very delicate circle of gold stripe that accentuates the beauty of the diamond. This gold band around the diamond is studded with delicate little diamonds that add to the beauty and refinement of the ring . On either sides of the ring there is a line of diamonds embedded as a delicate "rail" made up of small diamonds. In addition to the unique thing in this ring you can see from the profile the 2 arches coming out of the ring itself directly to the head of the ring at the end of which comes as the cherry on top
On Sale:  ₪3,699 
Engagement rings, model "lucky wave" as the name is the ring that will bring you luck ...! Designed ring with unique design . You can see the ring structure that comes in the form of a curl outward, while the ring itself rising up gets from a small curve like "wave", making it one of its kind . On both sides of the ring you can see about 20 delicate white diamonds embedded , which undoubtedly add to its spectacular design. And at the top of all this, dazzling central diamond at the head of the ring
On Sale:  ₪4,400 
An engagement ring, an "equality" model for a woman, without a doubt a ring that can not be seen on every finger . From the bottom of the ring come two beautiful delicate stripes on both sides of the ring that rise up until meeting at the head of the ring . During the split of the gold you can see two small diamonds on each side embedded in the special "cup" that separates them and gives each of the diamonds the full attention . At the top of the ring you can see a delicate circle of gold, from which four delicate golden teeth emerge to hold the central and special diamond in it
On Sale:  ₪9,900 
Engagement rings designers model "loops". This special ring can be seen in its unique shape, all of which is shaped in a curly and precise manner throughout the ring. With about 50 small white diamonds studded around the ring around these delicate coils of gold . In the center of the ring is the central diamond, which is studded on four shiny gold teeth that accentuate the diamond and thus make the whole jewel look amazing . ( In addition to this ring there is the ring that accompanies it to make a beautiful set )
On Sale:  ₪4,500 
Engagement rings, model "Grandiola". One of the rings that shows how unique it is . The ring is designed in the design of delicate leaves around it, while you can see that some of the leaves are fine gold leaves and other parts of the leaves are studded with 4 diamonds at the end of each leaf . A delicate ring and at the same time a very prestigious and very impressive performer. At the top of the ring you can see the central diamond studded on 8 teeth, each pair of teeth attached to each other creating a unique head for the ring. A unique and meticulously crafted ring. Special ring for a special woman .
On Sale:  ₪4,900 
Diamond Ring "mini XO " , a classic diamond ring with a special upgrade the top ring. This ring is a ring " kinds " of XO larger . Ring transmits tenderness , gentleness and also very luxurious and impressive display of diamond inlays . The ring is made of 18K gold and made ​​using special casting . The ring band is delicate beauty , with the upper part of the ring go four gold teeth delicate and beautiful holding the central diamond . Around 4 teeth are added gentle cycle and part of the gold which he set with diamonds , as well as four teeth. The diamonds are set with teeth made ​​beautiful and impressive , which particularly emphasizes the diamonds and glitter jewel . Perfect ring for the perfect offer ... !
On Sale:  ₪5,400 
Engagement rings, model "Shapo". At the base of the ring there is a brilliant part of gold reminiscent of the shape of an ellipse, while from which emerge 2 delicate and symmetrical gold bars to keep the shape of the ring aligned throughout the jewel. On these 2 lines of gold you can see a very delicate and professional placement work in order to maintain the symmetry and beauty of the jewelry. The main thing to pay attention to is the unique head of the jewel without a doubt ...! From the two gold bars on the sides of the ring you can see that two delicate circles of gold are emerging that resemble the appearance of petals, like those of a flower that has only just opened, which are also embedded in beautiful white diamonds. These petals hold the most important "piece " in the ring which is the amazing central diamond.
On Sale:  ₪5,300 
Engagement rings, "SHINE DIAMOND" model, a ring that every woman will be happy to get up with in the morning. A ring made entirely of brilliant shiny gold . On both sides of the ring you can see three rows of clean white diamonds that do their work with the sparkle they putt out . The head of the ring is studded in a "cup" that is elevated it , made by gold and emphasizes it first and foremost, surrounded by a delicate gold band that surrounds it and protects it.
On Sale:  ₪4,300 
Engagement ring, "Persian" model, a delicate ring. In this special design of the ring you can first see that the base of the ring starts from one hoop, and then on each side of the ring splits into two delicate and beautiful gold pillars, with small white diamonds on their backs. After this split, these two gold bars reach the point where they touch the golden circle in the center of the ring. On top of this special gold circle, there are also small and beautiful diamonds that are reminiscent of a crown full of diamonds. The highlight is when you can see from the center of the hoop emerge 4 smooth and delicate gold pillars that are used to hold the center diamond of the ring. A delicate ring that combines richness and high prestige
On Sale:  ₪4,900 
Engagement rings," Kilchon "model, classic and delicate ring for women. This ring is designed in 2 parts. One part is the ring and the other part is the delicate ring head on it . In the ring itself, on both sides of the ring, there are 16 diamonds in the ring, which, when placed upward, begins to grow and become narrow . From the center of the ring you can see the delicate and beautiful head that comes out of it which holds the central diamond in a gentle and impressive way. The diamond can be set to any size on demand, and there are a variety of ring head options that can be set on request .
On Sale:  ₪5,800 
"CHEEZI 8 , RING - this is the ring for the perfect offer. This engagement ring has everything a person is looking for. If it is a combination of a classic ring that will not be crude, and at the same time conveys a high degree of prestige through the placement work and the quantity of diamonds in it. From the ring profile you can see the head design, with 2 golden wires in the shape of a coil that hold the main head. When looking at the diamond placement, you can see 2 amazing and prestigious rows of beautiful little diamonds that sparkle and beauty to the ring. And if this view is not enough, at the head of the ring appears the central and impressive diamond that gives its own with a magnificent sparkle in the center of the ring.
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